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Dave Weigel has an interesting post up about Mitt Romney’s potential nominees.  He’s put together a word cloud for who he considers the top 11 candidates, showing what comes up most in their coverage.  Take a look.

What jumped out at me the most was scrolling down the list.  The most interesting thing, apparently, about anyone not a white male, is that they’re not a white male.  Check it out.  The first cloud, Kelly Ayotte?  The biggest word is “woman.”  For Nikki Haley, it’s “woman” again, with other top words being, “minority,” “Indian-American,” “Christianity,” and “Sikh.”  Marco Rubio?  “Hispanic.”  For Condoleeza Rice, her largest is “National Security”–the only minority candidate who has something other than their demographics as the largest word, so good for her.  The second two biggest, though, are “black” and “woman.”

Just by contrast, “white” and “man” are never mentioned.

Unfortunately, it’s still newsworthy when someone is nominated to federal office and is a woman, or a racial minority.  But there might be a bit more to them than that.  Based on the news coverage, there’s nothing more important about any of the non-white or non-male candidates than their demographic status.  How very, very sad.




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