Library Book Sale!

Last weekend was one of my two favorite weekends of the year, the Spring Library Booksale.  My other favorite weekend is the Fall Library Booksale.  Our county library does an amazing job.  The book selection is always amazing, and in pretty much every category.  Usually I go on half price day, when a person can get a mass market paperback for $.25 and a hardcover for no more than $2.50, but with the kids and all my to-be-read backlog has reached about 60 books, so I decided to go on full price day with a limit of $20 and be a bit more selective.  Below, my haul.  All these, plus a couple gifts for others, came out to $18.50.  Long live the library book sale!

Murder at the Dacha, Alexie Bayer.  I don’t know much about this book, or the author.  But I love a) anything about Soviet or post-Soviet Russia, and b) crime books, which are pretty much always my guilty pleasure read.  Seemed like an obvious book to get.

Barabbas, Pär Lagerkvist.  Another book that just caught my eye.  It’s a very slim volume, less than 150 pages, and focuses on Barabbas (as the title would suggest), the man released instead of Jesus according to the gospel accounts.  Interesting topic, so I have high hopes.

The Tiger’s Wife, Téa Obreht.  This was a critically acclaimed novel when it came out, one of the 10 best books of 2011, and a book that for some reason or another I’ve almost picked up and read but then didn’t several times.  Another one that I’m quite eager to dig into.

you can't keep a good woman downYou Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down, Alice Walker.  A short story collection from Alice Walker.  I don’t think I’ve read any of her short stories, oddly enough, even though I read and loved The Color Purple.  Plus, this is the original cover from the late seventies, the one to the left, and I was compelled.

My Life with the Saints, James Martin, SJ.  Fr. Jim Martin is one of my favorite writers, thinkers and speakers, one of the few non-friend people I actually like on facebook.  I’ve actually had this book on my wish list for a while, and been trying to get it at the library, but it was lost.  One of the books I’m most excited about having picked up!

The Cloister Walk, Kathleen Norris.  A few months back, my friends and I were doing the book challenge on facebook.  You may have seen it…. list the 10 books that have most influenced you, and tag others to do the same.  Two of the people I most respect in terms of book-reading listed this as one of their top 10, and I had never read it.  So I was very excited to pick it up.  I can’t wait to dig in.

The Best American Science and Nature Writing, 2011, edited by Mary Roach.  The “Best American….” is one of my favorite collections, and the library always has lots of them, and for a pretty cheap price.  They had a few for Science and Writing, the 2013, 2011, and 2010 ones.  The 2013 one was $4, so that one was right out.  Of the other two, only one was edited by Mary Roach, so an obvious winner.

The Best American Spiritual Writing, 2007, edited by Philip Zaleski.  As I mentioned above, this series is one of my favorites, and never fails to disappoint.  I haven’t read any of this branch of the series, though, but I’ve been on a bit of a spiritual reading kick lately, and the great thing about these books is it’ll introduce me to some new people, and some faith traditions, that I might not have read about otherwise.

And that’s it for now.  A respectable collection, I think.  Now I just need to read all of these, plus a few more, to clear off space on my shelves by October.  At least I’ve got my summer reading planned out.


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